"MoneyRight": Osagie's Debut Single Marks a Bold Entrance into the Music Scene

From Adversity to Anthem, Unveiling the Nigerian-American Rapper’s Debut Journey into the Heart of Hip-Hop. Explore the intricate layers of Osagie’s musical evolution, from the challenges of breaking into the industry to the personal triumphs that shaped this transformative anthem.


Osagie, Nigerian-American rapper hailing from Chicago, didn’t just step into the music scene; he leaped into it with his debut single, “MoneyRight.” Released in June 2022, this track isn’t just a song—it’s a culmination of a lifelong love for creativity, inspired by the likes of Lil Wayne, Young Jeezy, Wiz Khalifa, and Future.

The Journey to "MoneyRight":

Background and Inspiration:

For Osagie, creativity has always been a driving force, initially experienced during his younger days. However, the spark to create music ignited when his older cousins started to make and record music. The allure of crafting something unique and the influence of his favorite artists fueled Osagie’s desire to embark on a music journey of his own.

Entry into the Music Scene:

Entering today’s oversaturated music scene posed its challenges, especially as Osagie’s style didn’t conform to conventional norms. Wrestling with doubts about the industry’s authenticity, he faced the realization that success is often linked more to popularity than musical prowess. For a naturally lowkey individual, the decision to share his music with the world was a nerve-wracking leap into the unknown.


These images are from one of the scenes in the MoneyRight Video.

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MoneyRight: The Song and Its Meaning:

The Concept:

“MoneyRight” emerged during a pivotal time in Osagie’s life—late 2019, marked by eviction, repossession, and unemployment. Amidst adversity, Osagie found inspiration. The song became a motivational anthem, a testament to resilience in the face of challenges, and a reflection on the transformative power of financial stability.

Lyrics and Message:

Crafted from personal experiences, the lyrics of “MoneyRight” convey a raw, relatable narrative. It’s a testament to Osagie’s determination to persevere, demonstrating that even in the darkest times, a glimmer of hope can fuel remarkable change.

Recording and Production:

Studio Experience:

Osagie recorded “MoneyRight” in 2020 at Classick Studios with Cole Kruggel, navigating the studio equipment while honing his vocal skills. The decision to use a YouTube beat was intentional, a stepping stone before investing in original beats. The recording process marked a significant milestone in Osagie’s artistic journey.

Musical Elements:

The beat of “MoneyRight” resonates with a distinct hood sound, its ghetto bass providing a visceral experience. Osagie’s lyrical prowess, combined with the beats, creates a synergy that captivates listeners and sets the stage for his debut single.

Another scene from the MoneyRight Video.

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Reception and Impact:

Fans and Industry Response:

The impact of “MoneyRight” exceeded Osagie’s expectations. From social media engagement to positive feedback, the song connected with a diverse audience. What’s more, the approval of Osagie’s niece and nephew, avid fans despite their young age, reinforced the authenticity and broad appeal of the track.

Performance and Milestones:

“MoneyRight” marked not only a personal triumph but also a shift in Osagie’s fortunes. The song served as a prelude to an upward trajectory, both in terms of personal growth and musical accomplishments.

Looking Ahead:

With “MoneyRight” as the cornerstone of his musical journey, Osagie looks forward to continued growth and artistic exploration. The positive reception has fueled his passion, and he is set to deliver more music that resonates with authenticity and relatability.


“MoneyRight” is more than a debut single—it’s a declaration of resilience, a celebration of personal triumphs, and a promise of more to come from Osagie. As he navigates the dynamic landscape of the music industry, one thing is clear: his voice, unique and authentic, is here to leave an indelible mark.

Watch the Official Music Video Below!

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