#InMyZone: Osagie Unveils Life's Latest Chapter with New Freestyle

Step into Osagie’s world with #InMyZone. After almost a year without any new releases, Osagie offers an unfiltered update on life, travels, and creative evolution. Visual by NikeeFilmz.

Fresh Sounds:

Almost a year after releasing his debut single, Osagie breaks silence with his #InMyZone freestyle. However, this track isn’t just a freestyle; it’s Osagie’s way of infusing something new into his catalog. It’s less planned, more free-flowing, and a lot of fun.

Creative Check-in:

#InMyZone isn’t just about the beats and rhymes; it’s an update on where Osagie is creatively and in life. After releasing MoneyRight in June 2022, he’s back speaking about his experiences, travels, and his February 2023 headspace. 

Photos by: NikeeFilmz (@nikeefilmz)

Letting 'Em Know:

International Connections:

Osagie shares parts of his life, talking about international travels and meeting family for the first time. This freestyle is a canvas in which he’s painted pictures of his experiences, which adds a personal touch to his evolving catalog.

Confidence Unleashed:

As Osagie progresses musically, he lays down verses that reflect his growing confidence. It’s not just a freestyle; it’s a declaration of where he stands in his musical journey at this point in time.

Protecting His Peace:

#InMyZone touches on the importance of peace. Osagie speaks openly about protecting his peace, creating an honest and relatable narrative within the song.


Recording #InMyZone at Classick Studios with Cole Kruggel (@cole_kruggel)

Photos by: NikeeFilmz (@nikeefilmz)

Behind The Scenes:

Visual Vibes:

Originally intended as a vlog, the freestyle’s recording journey is captured on film. Shoutout to NikeeFilmz for creating a compelling visual that complements the freestyle’s laid-back and unfiltered vibe.

Studio Collaboration:

This marks the second release recorded with Cole Kruggel, adding another layer to the freestyle’s significance in Osagie’s growing discography.

Fan Appreciation:

Fans connect with the realness of #InMyZone. Osagie’s decision to record himself performing the freestyle in the studio adds a personal touch that resonates with listeners.

Looking Ahead:

As Osagie breaks the silence, fans eagerly anticipate more. What’s next in his musical journey? #InMyZone is just the beginning, a glimpse into the evolving narrative of Osagie’s artistry.


#InMyZone is more than a freestyle; it’s a snapshot of Osagie’s life and creative journey. As he brings something new to his catalog, the freestyle becomes a bridge between his past hiatus and the exciting chapters that lie ahead.

Watch the Music Video Below!

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