Osagie's LOL: Finding the Fun in Creativity

Enter Osagie’s world with ‘L.O.L.’—a burst of spontaneous creativity, where laughter becomes a vibrant palette for urban musical expression. Paired with a movie-like visual inspired by the Joker, ‘L.O.L.’ unfolds as a cinematic spectacle—each frame a vivid expression that defines Osagie’s unique artistic vision.


In the ever-evolving landscape of music, artists often find themselves caught up in the serious side of the industry. The pressure to create profound and impactful songs can sometimes take away the sheer joy that comes with making music. However, for Osagie, the process of crafting his latest single, “L.O.L.,” was a deliberate departure from the norm. This article delves into the inspiration, creative process, and collaborative effort behind this uniquely fun and spontaneous piece.

The Joyful Genesis:

For Osagie, the primary goal in creating “L.O.L.” was simple—to have fun. Recognizing that the music journey had become too serious, he set out to rediscover the joy that initially sparked his passion for music. The result? A track that radiates with infectious energy and a carefree spirit.

The Spontaneous Creation:

Unlike his previous work, where meticulous planning and deep contemplation often dominated the songwriting process, “L.O.L.” took shape in a mere five minutes. Osagie started with the verse, allowing the lyrics to flow spontaneously without overthinking. Upon completing the verse, a burst of laughter emerged—a genuine reaction to the unexpected speed of creation. It was in this laughter that he found the perfect hook, and thus, “L.O.L.” was born.

Scenes from the LOL video.

Photos by: Kenny (@MoteefMedia)

Just Having Fun:

The title “L.O.L.” captures the essence of the song perfectly. The laughter that spontaneously became the hook encapsulates the carefree and joyous vibe that defines the track. It’s a celebration of the spontaneity in creativity, a reminder to not take things too seriously, and an invitation to listeners to join in the laughter.

The Visual:

With the song complete, Osagie wasn’t content to stop there. Inspired by the infectious laughter, he envisioned a visual representation that would complement the song’s lighthearted spirit. Drawing from the iconic Joker character, known for his villainous laughter, the music video for “L.O.L.” took shape.

Collaborative Efforts:

A project of this magnitude wouldn’t be possible without a team of talented individuals. Osagie collaborated with Moteef Media, and together, they worked diligently to bring the Joker-themed vision to life. The result surpassed expectations, thanks to the contributions of a dedicated team including Cole KruggelKay EyeNick G.SauneyAlexWildLifeWillyBinxx, Zyaire, Aulani, ClaudiaRyanPhylishaLeah, and Alexis. Each played an integral role in creating a visual masterpiece that complements the infectious joy of “L.O.L.”

Shots from the LOL Music Video

Photos by: Kenny (@MoteefMedia)


“L.O.L.” is more than just a single; it’s a testament to the importance of joy and spontaneity in the creative process. Osagie’s decision to step back from the seriousness of music-making has resulted in a track that not only brings a smile to the face but also serves as a reminder that sometimes, the best creations come when we simply let go and laugh out loud.

Watch the Official Music Video Below!

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