Behind the Laughter: Unveiling the Making of Osagie's LOL Video

Peek Behind the Curtain: Inside the Making of Osagie’s ‘L.O.L.’ —  Laughing, Creating, and Capturing Moments of Cinematic Expression.


In the dynamic world of music, the story behind a music video can be just as intriguing as the song itself. Osagie’s “L.O.L.” not only brought an insane amount of laughter and creativity to the forefront but also boasts a visually stunning companion piece—a behind-the-scenes video that takes viewers on a journey through the making of this creative masterpiece.

The Concept:

The behind-the-scenes video for “L.O.L.” offers a unique glimpse into the creative process behind Osagie’s creative track. From the initial concept to the final frame, viewers get an inside look at the collaborative efforts that turned a spontaneous burst of laughter into a vibrant visual experience.

Collaborative Brilliance:

At the heart of this project is the collaborative brilliance of Osagie and the talented Kenny at Moteef Media. Together, they embarked on a mission to capture the essence of “L.O.L.” in a way that would resonate visually. The behind-the-scenes footage reveals the dedication and hard work of everyone involved, showcasing the seamless synergy that brought Osagie’s vision to life.

Photos from the news clip scene from the L.O.L. music video.

Photographed is Nick G., Kay Eye, Wild Life Willy, Zyaire, Aulani,  Binx, Phylisha, & Leah

The Joker-Inspired Music Video:

A standout element of the “L.O.L.” video is its Joker-inspired theme. The behind-the-scenes footage unravels the inspiration behind this creative choice, highlighting how the iconic character influenced the visual aesthetics of the project. From makeup design to set construction, the team’s attention to detail shines through in every frame.

Spontaneity in Action:

Much like the songwriting process, the creation of the video embraced spontaneity. The behind-the-scenes footage captures Osagie’s laughter, echoing the infectious sound that fueled the entire project. It becomes evident that the laughter wasn’t just a part of the song; it was a genuine and integral aspect of the creative atmosphere throughout the video shoot.

Key Contributors:

Throughout the behind-the-scenes journey, key contributors emerge as unsung heroes. From the directorial prowess of Moteef Media to the makeup artist, Claudia (@beaudeclau), set designers, and supporting cast, each person played a crucial role in shaping the visual narrative of “L.O.L.” The video is a testament to the collaborative spirit that defines the music-making process.

Photos from the L.O.L. music video.

The Unseen:

The behind-the-scenes video for “L.O.L.” isn’t just a supplementary feature—it’s a piece of art in itself. It unveils the unseen moments, the laughter-filled breaks, and the unfiltered passion that fueled every frame. Viewers get a front-row seat to the raw and authentic moments that shaped the final product.


As the curtains close on the behind-the-scenes video for “L.O.L.,” viewers are left with a newfound appreciation for the artistry and creativity that went into crafting this visual masterpiece. From laughter echoing through the set to the meticulous planning of each scene, the video offers a genuine and unfiltered look at the making of Osagie’s latest anthem, reminding us that sometimes, the best moments happen when we let creativity take the lead.

Watch the Full BTS Video Below!

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