Familial Flows: The Making of "Seminar" by King Kev & Osagie

Join Osagie and King Kev as they give us an international musical experience with their debut release, ‘Seminar.’ This dynamic collaboration between blood cousins, hailing from Belgium and America, transcends borders. Crafted on the spot with the infectious beats of Bud Diaz, the freestyle reflects the spontaneous creativity sparked by familial bonds and a shared love for music. 


In the world of music, there’s something special about collaborating with family, especially when you’re separated by continents. This is the story of “Seminar,” a track that transcends borders, uniting two cousins with a shared passion for music. Osagie from America and King Kev from Belgium joined forces for their first official release, and the result is nothing short of extraordinary.

International Ting Dem:

The tale begins with an international connection—blood relatives linked through their Nigerian bloodlines. Despite the geographical distance between them, Osagie and King Kev first met just a year ago. The magic of family and music brought them together, sparking a creative synergy that would soon culminate in the creation of “Seminar.” 

Belgium Meets America:

For King Kev, a Belgian artist making waves in his homeland, visiting America for the first time this year was not just a journey across the Atlantic; it was a pilgrimage to the birthplace of hip-hop, a genre that has inspired countless artists worldwide. The cultural exchange between the two cousins became the backdrop for their musical collaboration.

Photos from King Kev’s visit to America.

First and last pics were taken in Chicago by Lawless Universal & the middle pic was taken in NYC by Chuck.Wolf.

The Studio Session:

The heart of “Seminar” lies in its spontaneity. The duo entered the studio with the talented Bud Diaz, at the helm. Bud Diaz not only produced the beat but also engineered the session and expertly mixed the final track. The collaboration between the cousins and the producer created an atmosphere where creativity knew no bounds.

The Beatmaker Extraordinaire:

Diaz’s fingerprints are all over the track. His production skills brought a dynamic and infectious beat to life, setting the stage for the cousins to weave their lyrical magic. As the beat pulsates with energy, it becomes clear that “Seminar” is not just a song; it’s an experience crafted by three musical maestros in perfect harmony.

The Art of Freestyle:

Unlike many structured tracks, “Seminar” takes pride in its improvisational nature. With no predefined topic, the cousins let their creativity run wild, capturing the essence of the moment. The result is a freestyle that reflects the chemistry and camaraderie between Osagie and King Kev.


“Seminar” is more than just a song; it’s a testament to the power of family, collaboration, and the universal language of music. With beats echoing from Belgium to America, this international collaboration showcases the boundless possibilities that emerge when talent, passion, and blood intertwine. As Osagie and King Kev make their mark on the music scene, “Seminar” stands as a vibrant celebration of their shared journey and the limitless potential of cross-cultural creativity.

Listen to “Seminar” Below!

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Seminar (Freestyle)

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