New Year, New Work: Osagie's Clocked In for 2024

Discover the depths of Osagie’s artistic evolution through ‘Work” capturing the essence of a journey that extends far beyond the recording studio. 

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In the ever-evolving landscape of music, some songs serve as personal reflections, capturing moments of growth and self-discovery. “Work,” recorded in 2020 with Cole Kruggel, is one such track. Initially kept tucked, the decision to release this song adds a unique chapter to Osagie’s evolving catalog. What’s more, accompanying the release is a visual masterpiece created by Lawless Universal, offering a captivating glimpse into Osagie’s transformative journey throughout the year.

The Evolution of "Work":

Sometimes, songs linger in the artist’s archives, waiting for the right moment to see the light of day. “Work” is one such creation that almost didn’t make it out into the world. However, as Osagie continues to build and refine his musical repertoire, the decision to release “Work” became a strategic move to further expand his catalog. Moreover, this release provides a preview, a prelude to the much-anticipated EP set to drop soon.

A Song That Resonates:

While Osagie acknowledges that “Work” may not fully encapsulate his current artistic abilities, the song holds immense personal significance. It serves as a narrative thread, weaving through Osagie’s journey, encapsulating the challenges faced, lessons learned, and the unwavering determination to succeed. The track, born out of a moment in time, articulates the artist’s growth, both personally and creatively.

Photos by: @LawlessUniversal

Journey Through the Lyrics:

“Work” transcends being just a song; it’s a lyrical expedition into Osagie’s life experience. The lyrics delve into the artist’s resilience, the hard work invested, and the sacrifices made along the way. The narrative unfolds a story of self-discovery, marked by losses, gained insights, and an unwavering focus on the destination.

The Visual:

In a stroke of creative brilliance, Lawless Universal has woven a visual tapestry that accompanies “Work.” This compilation of moments serves as a powerful complement to the song, offering viewers a window into some of Osagie’s proudest moments and contributing factors to his growth. While not deemed an official music video, the visual is a testament to the synergy between music and visuals, providing a multi-sensory experience.

Looking Back and Moving Forward:

As Osagie reflects on the song and its visual counterpart, it becomes a mirror to the past. While the artist acknowledges the evolution since the recording of “Work,” there is a fondness for the track’s authenticity. The song and visual stand as a testament to the dedication, discipline, and newfound clarity that Osagie has cultivated on his creative path.


“Work” is not just a song; it’s a chapter in Osagie’s story. Released from the vaults, it invites listeners to connect with the artist on a personal level, to share in the triumphs, trials, and the unyielding commitment to growth. With Lawless Universal’s visual tapestry, the experience is elevated, offering a visual feast that complements the song’s narrative. As Osagie continues to carve his path in the music landscape, “Work” stands as a milestone, a reminder of where the journey began, and a promise of more to come in his highly anticipated EP on the horizon.

Watch the Official Music Video Below!

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