Hours: Capturing Time With New Music From King Kev and Osagie

The dynamic duo strikes again! King Kev and Osagie share their latest song, “Hours”.


Since the start of 2024, Osagie has been in full blown work mode. In just two short months, he’s released more songs and visuals than he’s ever done before. From “Seminar” to “Work”, Osagie has been on a mission to show the world why he is who he is, and it’s safe to say that his run isn’t ending any time soon. Osagie kicks off the month of March with “Hours”, his first official feature of the year and his second record with Belgian trap artist, King Kev

More Vibes to Offer:

Compared to Osagie and King Kev’s last collaborative record, “Seminar”, “Hours” showcases their musical versatility. Despite their love for trap music, the duo shows us that they have much more to offer. This song gives listeners a “softer” side of the two; expressing their feelings of love and admiration for the women in their lives.

Initially, Osagie was not a part of this record. After experiencing some delays with his original plan, King Kev thought it would be a better idea to add Osagie as a featured artist. In a matter of weeks, Osagie was able to write, record, and send the verse back to Kev.

Shoutouts to @cole_kruggel & @remiisanders for recording, mixing, and mastering. Also, @kovar.arch for the cover art.

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