Hours: Capturing Time With New Music by King Kev and Osagie

Since the start of 2024, Osagie has been in full blown work mode. In just two short months, he’s released more songs and visuals than he’s ever done before. From “Seminar” to “Work”, Osagie has been on a mission to show the world why he is who he is, and it’s safe to say that his run isn’t ending any time soon. Osagie kicks off the month of March with “Hours”, his first official feature of the year and his second record with Belgian trap artist, King Kev.

Familial Flows: The Making of “Seminar” Freestyle by King Kev & Osagie

Join Osagie and King Kev as they give us an international musical experience with their debut release, ‘Seminar.’ This dynamic collaboration between blood cousins, hailing from Belgium and America, transcends borders. Crafted on the spot with the infectious beats of DJ DopeDope, the freestyle reflects the spontaneous creativity sparked by familial bonds and a shared love for music.

Osagie’s LOL: Finding the Fun in Creativity

Enter Osagie’s world with ‘L.O.L.’—a burst of spontaneous creativity, where laughter becomes a vibrant palette for urban musical expression. Paired with a movie-like visual inspired by the Joker, ‘L.O.L.’ unfolds as a cinematic spectacle—each frame a vivid expression that defines Osagie’s unique artistic vision.

MoneyRight: Osagie’s Debut Single Marks a Bold Entrance into the Music Scene

“MoneyRight”: Osagie’s Debut Single Marks a Bold Entrance into the Music Scene From Adversity to Anthem, Unveiling the Nigerian-American Rapper’s Debut Journey into the Heart of Hip-Hop. Explore the intricate layers of Osagie’s musical evolution, from the challenges of breaking into the industry to the personal triumphs that shaped this transformative anthem. Introduction: Osagie, Nigerian-American […]

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